Bison on the loose for two months spotted in Illinois


Police in Illinois said a bison that has been on the loose since mid-September resurfaced on a rural road, and was caught on dashboard camera by an officer’s patrol vehicle.

The Island Lake Police Department said an officer driving on Darrell Road, south of Case Road in unincorporated Wauconda, spotted the bison in the road at night last week.

“As elusive as Sasquatch himself, our beloved Island Lake bison was spotted a few days ago,” the department said in a Facebook post.

The bison was reported missing to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office in mid-September. The owner said the animal escaped while being transferred from a trailer to an enclosure.

Police said the bison should be able to find food and water easily in the area and is well suited for survival in the local environment.

The department said the sighting should serve as a reminder to be aware while driving.

“Apparently he wanted to remind everyone not to speed, pay attention to the road and not to text and drive,” the post said of the bison.

“Had Officer Lane not been vigilant, had been speeding, or would’ve been distracted, he would have hit the bison and hurt himself and the bison.”