Ikea renting out tiny Tokyo apartment for under $1 a month


Swedish furniture company Ikea is offering a “Tiny Home” apartment in Tokyo for the price of less than $1 a month for one year.

Ikea said the 107-square-foot apartment in Shinjuku district will be rented out on a one-year lease for a price of $0.86 per month, not including utilities.

The company is accepting applications from prospective tenants, who must be at least 20 years old, until Dec. 3.

The apartment is being furnished with Ikea products.

“One of the keys is to make good use of the vertical space,” the company said on its website. “By capturing the room three-dimensionally, new possibilities open up in a limited space.”

Ikea is promoting the Tiny Home with a series of videos featuring a person in a shark costume portraying a real estate agent. The videos feature the shark, named Blahaj, decorating the apartment with help from an Ikea interior design specialist.